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Space and Remembrance

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Spis treści: PREFACE / 7 INTRODUCTION. THE CONSTITUENTS OF MEMORIAL CULTURE / 11 1. Memory and the question of the "production of space" / 11 2. Collective memoria as "explicit memory" / 15 3. A situational ecumenical movement: the elasticity of the concept of religion / 18 CHAPTER I. COHESION THROUGH RELIGION: THE MULTICONFESSIONALITY OF POLAND-LITHUANIA AS THE "JAGIELLONIAN IDEA" / 23 I.1. "A Republic with many denominations": the challenge of religious plurality / 23 I.2. Over-confessionality and the management of religious disagreements / 29 I.3. The range of politics through monarchy, nobility, papacy and clergy / 39 I.4. Changes in the symbiotic relations of politics and religion / 49 CHAPTER II. STARTING POINTS: SOURCES AND METHODS ON THE WORSHIPING HISTORY OF ST. JOHN OF DUKLA / 59 II.1. Written reports (letters, petitions, poems, biographies) / 59 II.2. Oral reports (testimonies from interviews) / 63 II.3. Artifacts / 73 II.4. Actions (visitations, prayers, visits of the ruler, processions, vows) / 79 II.5. Historiography / 80 II.6. The arsenal of methods of the "Lieux de mémoire" / 86 II.7. Conditions of production for a memorial place: Questioning of contemporary witnesses as the "EEG" of memoria on John of Dukla / 98 CHAPTER III. THE LAYERED PROFILE OF A SAINT: THE MATRIX OF THE WORSHIP OF ST. JOHN OF DUKLA / 107 III.1. "Vita": From being a Franciscan to being a Bernard in Lesser Poland and Red Ruthenia / 107 III.2. "Fortuna": The processes of beatification and canonization / 109 III.3. "Examen testium": functions of the worshiped one mirrored in testimonies from the Early Modern Period / 111 III.4. A "lieu" creates its "milieu": the reflexes on the canonization in 1997 in Poland and the Ukraine / 139 CHAPTER IV. ACTORS WITHIN CULTURAL OCCURRENCES: THE SOCIOGRAM OF THE VENERATION OF ST. JOHN OF DUKLA / 151 IV.1. The Bernard order / 151 IV.2. State and church governing body / 153 IV.3. The City and Bourgeois Lviv / 163 IV.4. Nobility / 164 IV.5. Place of birth / 164 IV.6. Social multiple determination / 165 RESULTS. APPROPRIATION OF THE SOCIAL MEMORY / 167 1. The worship composite John of Dukla / 167 2. "Space through memory"? / 169 3. The distinction within a landscape of cultural competitors / 171 4. The cult of a saint as a vehicle of the transnational consciousness of a region / 177 5. The production of communication: the genesis of a "public opinion" / 180 BIBLIOGRAPHY / 185 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS / 207 INDEX OF NAMES / 208

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